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This Gorgeous Guy Needs Our Help

This Gorgeous Guy Needs Our Help!!!

This is Ryan. He is a college guy who had surgery on his knee and can’t work this summer to help pay for his tuition next year. His college is running a competition for a free year of tuition. The winner will be the student with the most hits on their youtube video.

His video is 44 seconds long and it costs us nothing to click it and see him begging for our help.

He has a sweet voice, he’s very easy to look at and he is hoping for the gay community to help him win this competition.

So, if you would like to give Ryan a “Hand” with the “Hard” job of reaching the “Climax” of this competition please view this video as many times as you can. Send this invitation to all the gay people you know. Post it on every forum and every site you visit. Let’s show the straight world how we can unite. Let’s get “Behind” Ryan and help him win!

I hope this works and who knows – if he wins and we helped him do it he might decide to make another “video” especially for us sometime. A video that will help us reach our “Climax” – LOL!!!

Here is the youtube link:

Remember, watch it as many times as you can before August 1, 2010 and rally our brothers to do the same.

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