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Vegas ‘Death Ray’

Swanky New Vegas Hotel’s ‘Death Ray’ Proves Inconvenient For Some Guests
By Brett Michael Dykes
YahooNews September 29 2010 12:00pm

And here you thought bedbugs were the biggest source of anxiety for hotel guests.

Yes, guests at Vdara hotel in Las Vegas now have something else to worry about: being burned alive by the glare of the building’s “death ray.”

What the heck’s a “death ray,” you ask? Well, first off, it’s not as deadly as it sounds, since no one has actually died from it — at least not yet. But according to the U.K. Daily Mail, the powerful beams of Nevada sunlight reflecting off the glass hotel onto sections of the hotel’s swimming pool area have burned some guests and have melted plastic bags.

The building’s concave design creates a sort of magnifying-glass effect. The hotel’s designers reportedly anticipated that ill-situated humans might experience some discomfort courtesy of the building’s blinding glare, so they placed a film over the glass panes of its many windows. Obviously that didn’t quite do the trick. So for now the hotel is placing larger umbrellas in the pool area while designers try to come up with another remedy.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the hotel’s employees coined the term “death ray” to describe the intense reflection. Reports of the glare have also enhanced the hotel’s public profile, though almost certainly not in the way its owners would like; Yahoo! searches for Vdara have spiked by nearly 19,000 percent in the past 24 hours.

It turns out that Vdara isn’t the only building out there creating intense heat and glare for hapless passersby. Gordon Absher, a spokesman for MGM Resorts International, which owns Vdara, told the Review-Journal that in Las Vegas, the AdventureDome at Circus Circus and the Mandalay Bay produce “hot spots” that some guests have actually sought out, believing the spots will aid tanning regimens. In Los Angeles, the Frank Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall produced such a harsh glare that it heated nearby homes, forcing residents to blast their air conditioners high above their customary capacities in order for the residents to keep cool.

Bill Pintas, a Chicago attorney, told the Daily Mail that he experienced the harsh glare of the death ray firsthand during a recent Vdara stay. Pintas reported that as he lounged out by the pool, his head suffered a sensation he likened to a “chemical burn.” He added, “Within 30 seconds, the back of my legs were burning.”

In another interview, Pintas said: “I was effectively being cooked.” Thankfully, he returned home alive. Still, his skin was burned and his hair was singed — disproving the old saying that whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Natural Porn Killers

Natural Porn Killers
Returned To Florida To Face Murder Charge

The 2nd porn performer suspected in the Pasco County sex party murder is back in Florida. Jason Andrews (known also as Addison from SeanCody) was booked into the Land O Lakes Dentention Center late Tuesday night. US Marshals arrested Andrews last Thursday in Chattanooga, Tennessee where he was working as a manager of a billiards club.

Before the New Port Richey murder, and his arrest in Tennessee, Andrews was a bisexual Chicago DJ known to speak with a British accent, although his Pasco County charge report says he was born in Lungstahl, Tennessee. His chiseled jaw and good looks landed him roles in countless gay porn videos. Amanda Logue was a married, bleach-blonde Georgia woman who once owned a lingerie shop, dabbled in prostitution and starred in several X-rated videos herself.

Together, investigators say they stabbed and bludgeoned a 41-year-old tattoo shop owner to death with a sledgehammer — and hatched some of their plans in typo- and expletive-laden text messages.

“I’m so glad you’re really commited to this take. Keep eyes for a knife, etc for me!” Andrews typed on his BlackBerry hours before the slaying, according to a transcript of the messages included in court records.

Logue replied in a nearly incomprehensible text that she was excited — and she wanted to have sex after they killed him.

Dennis “Scooter” Abrahamsen

Nearly two months after Dennis “Scooter” Abrahamsen was found dead in his New Port Richey home, Logue and Andrews were indicted by a grand jury on first-degree murder charges. Logue is being held without bail at the Pasco County Jail — her attorney didn’t return calls for comment — and Andrews was arrested Thursday in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Pasco County investigators say the pair killed Abrahamsen in the early morning of May 15 and swiped $6,000 cash, his credit cards and a video camera.

Abrahamsen had hired Logue — whose porn name is “Sunny Dae” — to work at a sex party at his house, and police said that’s when Logue and Andrews set him up. They traded dozens of text messages about their homicidal plan, police said.

According to an affidavit, Logue would later deny that she had anything to do with the killing and claim Andrews was the one who bludgeoned Abrahamsen.

Jason Andrews (aka Addison from SeanCody)

“Logue told (the detective) that Andrews grabbed the back of her hair then twisted her arm behind her back. Andrews forced her to view Abrahamsen’s crushed skull and told her that’s what would happen to her if she told anyone.“
Logue and Andrews met on the set of a porn video late last year and fell in love — even though Logue was married to a man in Leesburg, Ga., authorities and friends said. Her husband did not return phone calls from The Associated Press.

Andrews’ Chicago friends find it difficult to believe he was involved in the killing. The Facebook and MySpace pages for Andrews, under the name DJ Veritas, feature several video clips of him playing techno music in large clubs.
“He was a really straight up dude,” said Michael Sarkowicz, a Chicago club photographer.
Click image for larger version Name: addison-by-seancody-murder.jpg Views: 2 Size: 28.7 KB ID: 1867
Andrews, is featured in a HubPages article titled “Guys and Gals of Chicago You Should Know,” which refers to him only as DJ Veritas and refers to him as a “triple threat.”

“He is not only a DJ, but producer as well and dare we say a bit of eye candy,” the article says.

He was also known to some fans as Addison on an adult Web site, according to the Chicago GLBT blog and podcast “Feast of Fun.”

The 28-year-old Logue seemed like a decent person, said Kristen Cameron, a Florida-based model who met her last year. According to several profiles on modeling websites, Logue did bikini and fetish modeling.

“She was professional, prompt and seemed all around normal, well so I thought,” Cameron wrote in an e-mail to the AP. “She was nice to me and was a great model! I felt a connection to her since we both have southern backgrounds.“

But Cameron’s opinion changed this spring when she saw how Logue acted around Andrews, her new boyfriend.

“Amanda wasn’t the Amanda I knew,” Cameron wrote. “She wouldn’t talk, all she did was text with Jason.“

Andrews, Cameron said, was obnoxious and brash. He often bragged about his military service, of which Cameron was skeptical.

In April and May, according to their Twitter accounts, Logue and Andrews spent several weeks in Florida, shooting porn videos, ling on the beach and professing their love for each other. Photos on Logue’s Facebook show the pair grinning and hugging.

On May 14, Andrews posted a link to a pornographic photo of Logue and wrote on his Twitter account: “therealsunnydae and I are killing time waiting for a party to find us!“

The next day, detectives said, Abrahamsen hired Logue to have sex on camera during a party at his house. During the party, Logue texted her boyfriend several times, witnesses told investigators.

Text messages retrieved from Andrews’ BlackBerry show the couple discussed vinyl gloves, when other guests would leave Abrahamsen’s home and what was inside a safe.

According to an affidavit, everyone at the party left Abrahamsen’s home around 5 a.m. May 15 — except for Logue. Andrews waited outside in his car, still texting her.

“Just get him on his face either bash or tell me to get in and. Where to go,” Andrews wrote.

“K I’m horny! I’m getting him to play music,” Logue typed.

“Wicked. Ill just be waiting. Really. Take. Your. Time,” Andrews replied.

Abrahamsen was found dead in his house by a family member some 18 hours later, face down on a massage table with blood splattered on the walls and ceiling fan.

At 4:29 p.m. on May 16 — less than a day after the murder — Logue wrote on her Twitter account, using Andrews’ Twitter name “Hearveritas:” “Taking it easy with hearveritas! Laying around eating popcorn and watching movies!“

At 5:20 p.m., Andrews tweeted: “therealsunnydae and I wanna go watch a movie tonight, any suggestion?“

As detectives pieced together the slaying, Logue and Andrews were arrested May 18 in a neighboring county after trying to use Abrahamsen’s credit card at Home Depot.

But officials didn’t have enough evidence to link the pair to the killing, and released them. On May 19, she went home to her husband and child in Georgia.

On May 21, Andrews wrote on his Twitter account in Hebrew: “Amanda please let me know when you are ok, really. My heart can’t take the weight of the fear that I would never see you again.“

It’s unclear whether Logue ever saw Andrews’ plea, or whether she replied to him. On May 26, she was arrested in Georgia and taken to a Florida jail, where she awaits trial.

Watch this 1:29 long news clip on YouTube:

Survivor Nicaragua: Shannon Elkins

Shannon Elkins, 30, Pest Control Company Owner, LaFayette Lousiana

I was so mesmerized by Chase that I didn’t really notice Shannon at first. I could tell he was a hot head and probably a homophobe as well but there are many of those in the cast this season.

Shannon had a melt down at the tribal council meeting during the second episode of the season. He called Chase out and told the tribe of their alliance and how he felt betrayed by Chase. He called Sash out and asked him if he was “Gay”. Sash never actually said no to the question. Shannon said New York City is full of Gays. Shannon really behaved like someone who wanted to go home. He got his wish.

Anyone that has read my blog knows I’m Gay. Ordinarily I would resent some of the comments Shannon made. Ordinarily I would be happy he was voted off the show. It was inevitable after his tirade so he might as well have gone right then.

I was not surprised by his prejudice. He was open about it. He said it out loud for all to hear. I applaud CBS for showing the “minority alliance” of Sash, Naonka and Brenda as they plotted to get rid of the “majority” members. This was all done in secret. They never said it out loud for all to hear. They were thinking and acting like bigots. They were practicing racial discrimination right before the camera for us to see. They were sneaky and sly about it.

Brenda even made an alliance with Chase and then laughed at him in private saying how dumb he was – a dumb ‘cracker’ is what I heard her think to herself. Racist, racist, racist! How dare they judge Shannon’s action and be so self-righteous. How dare they hide their own plot to get rid of all the “majority” (code for white). I don’t like deception. If someone is a homophobe please tell me to my face and not behind my back. I don’t like those 3 weasels – Sash, Naonka and Brenda.

Naonka is a perfect example of an entitled minority woman. She is disgusting. Brenda is a poster child for the stereotype of a ‘sneaky asian’ woman who will rob you then stab you in the back. Sash – oh, Sash – I think Shannon was right. I think Sash is a Queer as I am. He did not answer the question. He is so damned deceptive I just vomited in my mouth writing this sentence.

I hope Naonka is next to leave followed by Brenda and then Sash.

I hope Chase – my darling Chase – wins the money this year!

Go, Chase, Go!

Sacha Baron Cohen To Play Freddie Mercury In New Film

Sacha Baron Cohen to play Freddie Mercury

Taken from musicroomsdotnet


Sacha Baron Cohen will play Freddie Mercury in an upcoming biopic.

British comedian Sacha is best known as the man behind spoof comedy characters such as Borat, Bruno and Ali G, which have all been made into hit films. It has now been revealed the actor will now take on the role of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in a new biopic about the much-loved rock star, who died of AIDS in 1991.

The movie has the support of Freddie’s former bandmates Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor, and will be made by GK Films with the screenplay written by Peter Morgan.

“Freddie Mercury was an awe-inspiring performer, so with Sacha in the starring role coupled with Peter [Morgan]’s screenplay and the support of Queen, we have the perfect combination to tell the real story behind their success,” GK Film’s Graham King said.

The drama does not yet have a title, and will focus on the period leading up to Queen’s iconic show at 1985’s Live Aid charity concert which raised money for famine victims in Africa.

Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal’s Tribeca Productions, and Queen Films are also said to be getting involved in the making of the movie.

Rights to Queen’s famous anthems such as Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, Another One Bites the Dust and We Are the Champions have all been secured for the film.

Obama Has Betrayed The Gay Community

During his Presidential Campaign he courted the Gay Community and spoke of the inequality shown us by the military. He made a promise. He said over and over again that he would repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. He spoke of how the Black Community had struggled against discrimination for generations. He compared the discrimination Blacks had endured for generations to the discrimination Gays have endure – well – for thousands of years. He spoke of the America where all citizens are equal and free to pursue happiness.

The Gay Community overwhelmingly supported him in his campaign. The Gay Community voted for him en masse. The Gay Community believed his promises. The Gay Community believe he offered the “Change We Need”. The Gay Community had such high hopes after he won the Presidency with an overwhelming landslide. The Gay Community believed America’s attitude towards us had changed for the better. The Gay Community thought their time had come and their Civil Rights were about to be recognized just as the Black Community – with our support – had been recognized as equals and their Civil Rights guaranteed.

Obama spoke of the Black Community’s Civil Rights movement and how Harry Truman’s Executive Order that repealed segregation in the Military had been the catalyst for the future Civil Rights movement. He noted that Truman’s courage to do “What was right” set events in motion that could not be stopped. He spoke of how that moment in time was pivotal and that Truman should be remembered for the stroke of his pen that ended the discrimination Blacks had suffered.

I remember watching Obama make his acceptance speech when he won the Primaries as he spoke to that crowd of 100,000 in Chicago and untold millions on television. I remember Obama spoke of the rights of the Gay Community during that speech. It was awe inspiring. I thought that was a pivotal moment in our struggle for Civil Rights.

Obama took office in January, 2009 with a Democratically controlled Congress. He had an initial approval rating over 80%. At that moment in time he could have put us at the forefront of his administrations agenda. He could have submitted to Congress legislation to repeal DADT and it would have been passed without hesitation. He had the power to help us then but he waited. He never even spoke of it again until recently. Gay rights activists have been persistent and asked over and over again about when he could do as he promised and help us end DADT. Recently – now that his ratings have crashed through the cellar – he decided it was time to help us. Now that he couldn’t get Congress to pass time of day for him. Now that he needs us to help him improve his ratings he decides to put on a Grand Show of it. The Military Spending Bill that was defeated in the Senate today died because of the amendment included in it that did not actually repeal DADT, it did not actually set a time table for the repeal, it simply instructed the military to do more “studies” about the possibility of repealing DADT. WHAT? That’s right – the mere suggestion caused those brave Democratic Senators to throw us out like so much garbage. After all, it’s an election year and they can’t risk their careers for our civil rights. Obama knew what the outcome would be but he wanted to use us again.

Perhaps Harry Truman should have taken on the challenge of helping the Gay Community instead of the Black Community. I wonder how Black Americans would feel if they were in our shoes watching as these greedy, slimy politicians stab them in the back over and over. Perhaps Obama would not even be allowed to drink water from the same fountains as Gay Americans. How would he feel? Perhaps Martin Luther King should have marched to Washington, D.C. demanding Civil Rights for ALL Americans – oh, wait a minute – HE DID!!! Martin Luther King did call for Civil Rights for all Americans – we are part of the “All Americans” group.

How could Obama forsake us this way? How could he lie to our faces and promise us we would be as equal as Black Americans? How could he ignore our pleas for mercy with a clear conscience? How can he sleep at night?

If I could go back to that night when I watched him with so many millions of other Gay Men as he made that promise to us now that I know he is just as slimy as the rest of those slime balls that America voted into office maybe my hopes would not feel so betrayed tonight.

Obama has betrayed the weakest minority in America – I hope he is proud. I hope his family is proud of him for betraying us. I’m sure the hate mongers and homophobes of this country are proud of him. After all, that is who he has made happy with this betrayal.

Death Of A Porn Star

Originally Published:Tuesday, March 9th 2010, 12:20 PM

A simple early morning disturbance call ended with the death of a gay-porn actor.

Dustin Michaels

And it was all captured on video.

Deputies with the Bay County Sheriff’s Department in Florida arrived at the Executive Inn after Andrew Grande (known professionally as Dustin Michaels), 23, allegedly got into a fight with a female friend, according to Panama City Beach’s WJHG.

Police attempted to handcuff Grande, who had reportedly swallowed a bag of marijuana. When he resisted, police Tasered him.

A camera crew from Zoo Productions was at the scene and captured the moments before the incident, as well as after.

Once he was struck by the powerful electrical jolt, Grande yanked the wires from his chest but showed signs of choking. Police tried to help, with one performing the Heimlich maneuver.

Every effort by police to remove the object from Grande’s throat failed. Paramedics later arrived and removed the bag, but it was too late.

Grande was pronounced dead at Bay Medical Center.

“It’s a tragic situation for our officers,” said Sheriff Frank McKeithen, and “a tragic situation for this young man and his family.”

However, he said, it never would have happened had Grande co-operated with police.

“If he’d … allowed them to handcuff him, it would have been over,” the sheriff said. “This would not have happened.”[/QUOTE]


Piers Morgan – You Pompous Ass

Piers Morgan you are a pompous ass.

I had to ruminate for 3 days before writing this.  You obviously have a problem with Gay Men. During Prince Poppycock’s final performance you could not resist the urge to sabotage his chance to finish on a high note. It was as disgraceful display – even for you. It was unnecessary to “X” him because he did not stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning up against Michael Grimm and Jackie Evancho. He was, however, proud to perform before millions of viewers one last time and you had to piss on his parade. If you wanted to humiliate him I’m afraid you failed.

I’m unaware of your personal history but I would guess you come from a wealthy family and you have been pampered and coddled your entire life. You have a sense of superiority and entitlement. Your arrogance is overshadowed by your callousness. You have no common sense whatsoever.

I would not have felt betrayed by your actions if you had also “X” Fighting Gravity for their flawed performance which you yourself pointed out to them in their post performance exchange with the judges. Had you given them the “X” in the middle of their performance I could have said you were only being an ass. As it stands your are a pompous ass and a homophobe.

I have usually agreed with your assessments over the years. We share a similar sense of what talent really is. I am critical of those who put themselves out there and fall short of my expectations. Prince Poppycock did not disappoint me with his performance and Fighting Gravity did. They were flat with the NASA performance and had a couple of mistakes during it. They were downright awful with their last performance and made mistakes. You never gave them the “X” – never. They deserved it and you did not give it to them. It’s disgraceful and you should be ashamed.

Prince Poppycock was a valiant performer even during his illness. He stood on stage and gave his all. His originality was obvious. His voice was beautiful. His talent is undeniable. Beneath that flamboyant facade of make-up and outlandish costumes is a gentle, beautiful young man who has overcome many challenges throughout his life. He never let others curb his pursuit of happiness through performance.

In the end, the result would have been the same. He would have been in fourth place. In the end, Michael Grimm would have won anyway. That is not the point. The point is you tried to humiliate him for no good reason.

Shame on you Piers Morgan.