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Survivor Nicaragua: Shannon Elkins

Shannon Elkins, 30, Pest Control Company Owner, LaFayette Lousiana

I was so mesmerized by Chase that I didn’t really notice Shannon at first. I could tell he was a hot head and probably a homophobe as well but there are many of those in the cast this season.

Shannon had a melt down at the tribal council meeting during the second episode of the season. He called Chase out and told the tribe of their alliance and how he felt betrayed by Chase. He called Sash out and asked him if he was “Gay”. Sash never actually said no to the question. Shannon said New York City is full of Gays. Shannon really behaved like someone who wanted to go home. He got his wish.

Anyone that has read my blog knows I’m Gay. Ordinarily I would resent some of the comments Shannon made. Ordinarily I would be happy he was voted off the show. It was inevitable after his tirade so he might as well have gone right then.

I was not surprised by his prejudice. He was open about it. He said it out loud for all to hear. I applaud CBS for showing the “minority alliance” of Sash, Naonka and Brenda as they plotted to get rid of the “majority” members. This was all done in secret. They never said it out loud for all to hear. They were thinking and acting like bigots. They were practicing racial discrimination right before the camera for us to see. They were sneaky and sly about it.

Brenda even made an alliance with Chase and then laughed at him in private saying how dumb he was – a dumb ‘cracker’ is what I heard her think to herself. Racist, racist, racist! How dare they judge Shannon’s action and be so self-righteous. How dare they hide their own plot to get rid of all the “majority” (code for white). I don’t like deception. If someone is a homophobe please tell me to my face and not behind my back. I don’t like those 3 weasels – Sash, Naonka and Brenda.

Naonka is a perfect example of an entitled minority woman. She is disgusting. Brenda is a poster child for the stereotype of a ‘sneaky asian’ woman who will rob you then stab you in the back. Sash – oh, Sash – I think Shannon was right. I think Sash is a Queer as I am. He did not answer the question. He is so damned deceptive I just vomited in my mouth writing this sentence.

I hope Naonka is next to leave followed by Brenda and then Sash.

I hope Chase – my darling Chase – wins the money this year!

Go, Chase, Go!