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Running With Santas In Speedos

Posted on December 14, 2010
Running With Santas in Speedos
By Editors
BOSTON Santa Speedo Run 2010

Speedo-wearing Santas ran the streets of Boston, Toronto, Chicago, and Atlanta over the weekend to raise money for various charities.

The event kicked off in Boston 11 years ago and has since spread to multiple cities throughout the United States and Canada. Included in the list of charities the runs raise money for are a number of LGBT and HIV/AIDS research organizations.

Watch video from the runs below.

Piers Morgan – You Pompous Ass

Piers Morgan you are a pompous ass.

I had to ruminate for 3 days before writing this.  You obviously have a problem with Gay Men. During Prince Poppycock’s final performance you could not resist the urge to sabotage his chance to finish on a high note. It was as disgraceful display – even for you. It was unnecessary to “X” him because he did not stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning up against Michael Grimm and Jackie Evancho. He was, however, proud to perform before millions of viewers one last time and you had to piss on his parade. If you wanted to humiliate him I’m afraid you failed.

I’m unaware of your personal history but I would guess you come from a wealthy family and you have been pampered and coddled your entire life. You have a sense of superiority and entitlement. Your arrogance is overshadowed by your callousness. You have no common sense whatsoever.

I would not have felt betrayed by your actions if you had also “X” Fighting Gravity for their flawed performance which you yourself pointed out to them in their post performance exchange with the judges. Had you given them the “X” in the middle of their performance I could have said you were only being an ass. As it stands your are a pompous ass and a homophobe.

I have usually agreed with your assessments over the years. We share a similar sense of what talent really is. I am critical of those who put themselves out there and fall short of my expectations. Prince Poppycock did not disappoint me with his performance and Fighting Gravity did. They were flat with the NASA performance and had a couple of mistakes during it. They were downright awful with their last performance and made mistakes. You never gave them the “X” – never. They deserved it and you did not give it to them. It’s disgraceful and you should be ashamed.

Prince Poppycock was a valiant performer even during his illness. He stood on stage and gave his all. His originality was obvious. His voice was beautiful. His talent is undeniable. Beneath that flamboyant facade of make-up and outlandish costumes is a gentle, beautiful young man who has overcome many challenges throughout his life. He never let others curb his pursuit of happiness through performance.

In the end, the result would have been the same. He would have been in fourth place. In the end, Michael Grimm would have won anyway. That is not the point. The point is you tried to humiliate him for no good reason.

Shame on you Piers Morgan.

Reasons To Watch Survivor: Nicaragua This Season

Chase Rice, 24, is a “Jackman” on a NASCAR pit crew and he is one of the contestants on Survivor: Nicaragua this season. We watched the premier last night during which he stripped down to his boxer-briefs and the network had to blur the image of his ‘package’ for the faint of heart, lol.

He is such a gorgeous hunk I just had to share the pics I found. He is reason enough to watch the show this season – hope he goes all the way – and I hope he wins the show, too.

Lady Gaga’s Grand MTV VMAs Entrance

Lady Gaga’s Grand MTV VMAs Entrance

Posted Sun Sep 12, 2010 6:46pm PDT by Joseph Brannigan Lynch

Yahoo Entertainment

Gaga Wows VMAs Red Carpet

Leave it to Lady Gaga to make sure the 2010 MTV VMA Awards got off to a fashion-forward start-the new Queen of Pop brought a new look to the red carpet and, of course, a touch of political controversy.

The inimitable Lady Gaga arrived in a dress by the late Alexander McQueen: the flowing regal gown wrapped her body in royal shades of gold, dark reds and deep greens. The whole look brought to mind a medieval monarch — only most ancient queens didn’t wear metallic golden feathers on their heads that looked like a Mohawk crossed with a Trojan helmet of war.

Naturally, like any royalty worth her weight in gold, Gaga arrived with military protectors. In Gaga’s case, her Ladyship was flanked by servicemen and servicewomen who had been discharged from the military for refusing to go along with the US’ controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Gaga even directly dissed the policy in her red carpet interview and vocalized her support for, a 17-year-old organization formed in reaction to DADT policies.

All in all, Gaga’s unforgettable entrance brought to mind her “Alejandro” video by combining commentary about gays in the military with religious iconography. The religious element to Gaga’s dress was less noticeable but still present-there appeared to be the face of a saint sewn onto the décolletage of her dress, bringing to mind Renaissance-era religious paintings.