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In Defense of RapidShare

In Defense of RapidShare

Now that the shock of the moment has diminished for me I have a new found respect and
understanding for Rapidshare’s decision.

When one considers that RS must have suspected there would be an enormous backlash
after the shift away from a rewards system one must ask why would they take such a risk?

Suddenly a light came on. It was for the money.

We all know that RapidShare has been repeatedly sued for copyright infringement. We can only
imagine what the cost to RS has been financially. They have stood their ground and so far avoided
any judgment against them. They have not turned over the names of uploaders nor downloaders. You
might say they have spent a large fortune defending our rights to share things among ourselves.
They are trying to protect us from the long arm of the studios’ attorneys and the authorities.

I cannot fault RS for trying to recoup there loses. I cannot fault them for creating a new way to raise
revenues for future legal troubles. I know the owners are all wealthy beyond our wildest dreams but even
that kind of wealth has it’s limits when faced with a consortium of studios who are fighting a losing battle
to ebb the free flow of community sharing. The authorities who are eager to wage legal war against the
freedom of information for their own personal and political gain.

RapidShare has stood alone against this attempt to stifle us as file sharers.

I have read all the replies in all the threads regarding this situation. I’ve learned a lot I didn’t know. It is my
understanding that MU has actually given the names of uploaders and downloaders to the authorities for
investigation. I’ve read that all file hosts (except RS) have indicated in their terms of service their policy of
providing names when required by law. This means they are keeping records on all of us. I’ve read that RS
has not given up any names of sharers. I’ve read that they are still the only ones who reportedly keep no records
of our uploads and downloads to provide.

This leads me to ask: what price is my privacy and freedom worth? Would I rather use RS who is committed to
protecting me (albeit at a higher cost) from possible prosecution for something I believe is no more than loaning
a friend a music cd or a new dvd I bought so they could enjoy something I enjoyed? Would I rather pay a
smaller fee for service from a host that specifically warns me they will turn me in if required to do so? What is
my freedom and privacy worth?

I’ve decided to keep one of my Premium Accts with RS and pay the price they ask. It will cost me more but I
feel better about that fact with the knowledge they are still defending my freedom and privacy.

I’m sure I can find a RS plan that will suit my needs at a price I can afford. If that means I will need to download
less sometimes and more other times so be it.

I hope you will consider what I have said and ask yourself “What is my freedom and privacy worth”?