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The Last Gay Pride Parade

Atlanta’s Gay Pride Parade is no longer held the last Sunday in June. It has been relegated to October and I guess that should put an end to all those scantily clad boys prancing about on their floats and the street corners celebrating the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots of 1969.

I hope the City of Atlanta is proud of itself. The sissies are gonna be kept off Peachtree Street and the good people, the straight people of Atlanta can go about their heterosexual way without having to endure those flaming gay boys.

I hope you noticed the sarcasm in those first two paragraphs.

The last Gay Pride Parade I actually enjoyed being a part of was in 1993. The summer was hot and the boys were hotter. We stood on Peachtree Street at the corner of Ponce de Leon Avenue for hours waiting for the Parade and watching the crowd build. The excitement was every where when the Gay Pride Events were schedule for the same week-end all across the country. We were all holding hands across the continent and claiming our moment in the spotlight to tell the whole world – “We’re Here, We’re Queer, Get Used To It”. Those were heady days for sure.

I doubt that I will attend any of the events this year. It has lost it’s momentum, it’s excitement. Perhaps African Americans should celebrate their National Holiday – Martin Luther King’s Birthday – in different months all across the nation. I mean, it would still be a celebration, right?

It is as though our minority is being splintered into smaller minorities. We will lose any cohesion we may have had. We will lose or political position as a very large, unseen force that must be acknowledged. I believe this is part of a plan to reduce our momentum towards equal rights. I believe it is being orchestrated by the right wing, ultra conservative coalition along with the pseudo-religious hate mongers who have always persecuted us.

Here, in Atlanta, where we are a large percentage of the population the City Government has turned it’s back on us. I cannot condone what they have done. I cannot condone the Gay Pride Committee’s complicity with this move to October. Stonewall did not happen in October.

Instead of supporting their so-called Gay Pride Festival charade I will be at home with family and friends who I know love and accept me for who I am. My partner and I have been together for 30 years. My family has accepted him from the very first day. We can openly show our affection within the family. This is where I will be. Not at Piedmont Park pretending what they have done is alright.