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Sexual Offenders

In America the term “Sexual Offender” is used to classify anyone who has ever been convicted of any sex related crime.

Everyone from pedophiles and serial rapists to 18 year old persons who have sex with someone who is 17 or less even if the sex is consensual but the parents press charges.

Somehow this blanket classification seems wrong to me. These so called “Sexual Offenders” are required to register in the community in which they live with the Police Dept and have their name and address listed in an online registry that is public.

They are required to inform any prospective employers or landlords. This has the effect of preventing them from gainful employment or housing.

Even pedophiles need jobs and housing. I can understand families with children not wanting any pedophiles living near their children. The problem is what does society do with these pariahs? Create a “Ghetto” for them and just cordon them off from the rest of us?

Serial rapists are a threat to women (and sometimes men) so what should be done to keep them from continuing to harm others? The same ghetto as the pedophiles?

How is this problem handled elsewhere?

Last year a case here in Georgia involved an 18 year old who had sex with his girlfriend who happened to be 16. They were in high school together. Her parents found out and pressed charges against him. An eager prosecutor foaming at the mouth over such an easy case and to make a name for himself helped convict the young man and he was sentenced to 5 years in prison. He was turned down for early release but finally got out last year.

When I was in high school seniors and sophomores routinely dated and I’m sure had sex. The quarterback and the cheerleader, so to speak. No one was ever charged with a sex crime. I don’t know when it became a crime for high school students to have sex